At Tailored Choice Consulting we offer Online Business Project Management and Virtual Assistance for professionals and small businesses


Have your own business and are thinking of implementing your online presence, building a website which truly represents you, using the email marketing in order to communicate effectively with your clients and potential clients

Need to improve your existing online presence and to add tools to receive payments, organize webinars, videoconferences, videocalls, appointments, …

Are thinking of launching an online course on the web

Work in a team and would like to have someone able to manage your projects and coordinate the team work

Need to set up and learn how to use CRM and Project Management tools and would like to have someone doing the set up and tutorials for you, making you save time and stress

If one of the above is you, you may need an Online Business Project Manager. Would you like to know something more? Read why you need to be online today!

You are not one of the above. You are simply looking for a technical and administrative support for your business limited to a certain amount of monthly hours. Visit our Virtual Assistance or our Web Assistance pages for usufel information on our services

We work remotely, both in Italian and in English, to empower and enhance your online projects and your daily activities. We translate your ideas into facts, solving your organisational problems and finding the most suitable solutions.


We arrange a tailored package, a customised solution that allows you to optimise time, energy and costs.

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Tailored Choice Consulting is a virtual office that wants to give a tailored answer to your requirements. We work remotely performing back office tasks and providing you with the technical and organisational support you need.

You can delegate various aspects of your business to us while taking advantage of a flexible contract and while saving on fixed costs.

You can rely us for a very wide range of services.

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I’m so happy that I got Teresa at Tailored Choice to help me out with the email subscriptions, newsletters, e-books and marketing for my food blog! She’s so reliable, effective and creative. Now I don’t think I could manage without her!


Highly professional and attentive to the client needs. Definitely above the average in the industry.


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