Tailored Choice Consulting

My name is Teresa Cavalla and, in 2019, I started Tailored Choice Consulting, having gained over 20 years of experience in the business environment. As both an employee and a solopreneur, I have experienced that we absolutely need to organise the practical aspects of our work. However, these aspects absorb a large part of our energy, besides requiring various skills and a lot of valuable time. If we overlook some of these activities, we give the idea of disorganisation. If we personally follow all these activities, there is not enough time to devote to our projects and to our customers, which are, in short, the heart of our job. This is why I decided to offer a specialised and customised service. At Tailored Choice Consulting, we put our time and our knowledge at your disposal and you can enjoy a high quality service dealing with everything you need.


Our main interest is to team up with you: we take care of your goals and try to find the best solutions for your issues.

You will have a preferential communication channel and we will try to reply to your requests as quickly as possible.

We know that building a working relationship implies trust and empathy. So, we are offering you an unique opportunity. We are at your disposal for a free chat (we like to say that we offer you a virtual coffee) and, once we have studied your requirements, we offer you a proposal tailored on your specific needs. In our first period together we will constantly be in touch so that we will be able to study the best way to collaborate with you.


After graduating in 1995 in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Padua and after a period in the United Kingdom in which I gained the CPE certification from the Cambridge University and the SEFIC certification from the London Chamber of Commerce, I specialised in Assistance for the Foreign Commerce Department at the CUOA in Altavilla Vicentina. I worked for 17 years for two major banks, where I was in charge of the commercial and administrative tasks for retail and small business clients. Meanwhile, for my personal interest, I graduated in graphology and specialised in corporate, legal and developmental age graphology. Thanks to this path, I understand and have studied the business dynamics and neuroscience applied to work, deepening the relational mechanisms in work and personal fields. In 2012 I decided to terminate my employment and, having trained at the ITI, Institute of Translation and Interpreting in the UK, I have since been working on translation and professional review of financial and commercial texts. Today I have decided to widen my services to offer my experience and support to professionals and small businesses.


20 years of experience

We have been working with professionals and companies for over 20 years. And we know how to do it competently

An offer designed for you

We do not have pre-packaged proposals, but we evaluate an offer designed specifically for your needs

We team up with you

We know that you have goals to reach and deadlines to meet


We have prepared some free resources to help you grow your business!