When I first start working, someone suggested that I should utilize a Project Management (PM) system to stay on track to plan and work professionally.

I was just at the beginning of my journey and a piece of paper with a couple of notes worked well for me.

But, I wanted to be professional (even in the beginning) and I decided to listen to my seasoned colleagues, so I started using a PM system. It was really fun and helpful but I couldn’t really understand how a system like this can change your life until I found ClickUp.


Now I have proudly become a Vetted ClickUp Consultant and I feel it’s my mission and my passion to help you understand what you can do in ClickUp.


So, this is the first of a series of articles where I will dive into the main features of ClickUp. If you are as excited as I am, at the bottom of each article, you will find a link leading to a free 5 days email course for beginners that will guide you to setup your ClickUp account.



  •  You can start working for free

    • ClickUp has an amazing FREE FOREVER account with so many features that you can easily start working for free. I say start working simply because the more you use it the more you find it the best tool to replace a whole bunch of different apps, so you may want to have an all-in-one place with a full set of features and go for the paid account.

    • You can work in a team

      • Everything in ClickUp can be set according to your needs and you can change the settings in just one click. So, you can easily switch from the ME mode, where you see everything assigned to you, to a ME AND OTHERS mode, where you find everything that is going on your team.

      • You work in a customized workspace

        • In your workspace you build up the structure you want to use. You will be able to set up templates, embed and create documents, and invite team members and guests. You can achieve the most flexible structure and decide who and at what level they can access your work.

        Are you an entrepreneur working alone or with a small team? If you are looking for someone helping you setting up ClickUp for your business or if you want to discover if ClickUp is the right tool for you, I am here to help

        Download your free email ClickUp course for beginners and discover the free resources we have prepared for you