Let’s talk today about the advanced features in ClickUp!




If you have onboarded your team or your clients in ClickUp (even as guests), the chat feature is life-saving! It allows you all to communicate in real time through messages and even to tag (?) tasks or people to make your message more specific. You can quote, link, drop emojis and, most importantly, you don’t need other tools and can work directly in your ClickUp account.




The form view is something I had underestimated at the beginning of my journey in ClickUp. I couldn’t understand the scope of using it in my business model but….when I realized that just filling in the form, it would automatically populate some lists, adding tasks without me having to transfer data manually, it has become one of my favourite features. You can create and customize your forms. At the beginning , I add a text that sounds like an email message to welcome my clients and ask them for details. Then you can setup fields that once filled in will be converted in a task. You can brand your forms (only in the business plan) and share the link or directly embed the form in your website. Try it. You will fall in love!




Do you have a space, folder, list, task, or checklist scheme that you may use multiple time or that you would love to share with someone else? ClickUp has the perfect solution. You can save it as a template. You will then be able to upload it or share it any time you need it!




ClickUp is actively implementing automations. Explore them and learn how to make them work for you. They are so fun (to me!) and a time-saver as well. You have a trigger and a consequence. So, you may build your automation asking ClickUp to do a certain action when a trigger happens. The triggers and actions list is a long one and is related to Statuses, Assignees, Priorities, Dates, Task creation, Task moving and many others.




If I had to choose the feature which I couldn’t live without, it would be the Chrome extension. If you are normally working in Chrome, this extension allows you to do a long list of actions in just one click from anywhere. An example? You can take notes and convert them into tasks, you can bookmark a webpage you are visiting, taking a screenshot and adding elements to it before attaching the image to a task, you can track your time, and you can convert Gmail messages into tasks. Cool, right?

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