Have you tried ClickUp dashboards?


If you still haven’t, please do! You will love them.


Dashboards have been recently introduced and are soooo amazing.

You basically have an entirely customizable panel with a full set of widgets (some of them are on paid plans only, but they are worth the cost, I promise!). You can add as many widgets as you want to your panel and create charts to track your team (or your own) workflow, your budget, your tasks, your chat conversations or even embed documents and videos that you consider useful for your job.

You can create multiple dashboards and even share some of them to help your clients or your team stay on track with your projects.


Sometimes, when using ClickUp, people are tempted to focus on the task aspect and they neglect all other features, which are actually a key part of the tool


We can talk, for instance, about notifications. Did you know that you can fully customize your notification feature and receive reminders about your activity via computer, mail, sms…You can even use the notification panel as an additional to do list and simply access it to clear, note by note, all what you have completed. It’s so empowering clearing a notification panel, isn’t it?

Or we can talk about your inbox that helps you have an idea of what is due, past due or will be due shortly. You have access to your lists but also to your team lists.

You can then build a portfolio view, by selecting only certain groups of tasks, or create goals to achieve to stay motivated


ClickUp has the goal of becoming your all-in-one app and making it possible for you to work from inside the tool to structure your entire business. So, play with it, imagine, explore….you will be surprised by how many things you will be able to do with ClickUp!

Are you an entrepreneur working alone or with a small team? If you are looking for someone helping you setting up ClickUp for your business or if you want to discover if ClickUp is the right tool for you, I am here to help

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