When I say that ClickUp is highly customizable, people may not understand exactly what I mean–and I don’t blame them! If you have no idea what ClickUp can really do, it may be difficult to even begin imagining how to make this tool work for you.


It’s a Process

So, I’m here to help you get started with ClickUp. Imagine the absolute, best way to make your workflow run smoothly–yes, it’s possible. This, in business lingo, is called a process. You need to have codified processes to work professionally, but above all, to automate those recurrent tasks that are time consuming and distract you from your mission. 

That’s right, I said your mission. Because you have a mission, right? When you decided to have your own business, I know you had a great plan in your mind–an objective to change the world, or at least a part of the world. 

But then, as time passed, you realized that running a business is time consuming. You have to study, learn, and manage so many tedious organizational things that you lose your day, your focus and your enthusiasm over your own mission (you may need an OBM if the burden is too high–if you’re curious about how an OBM can help you, click here!).


Enter ClickUp

But when you take the time to design your own processes and go into detail around your SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), you will start to see the light at the end of the tedious task tunnel. It’s at this point that ClickUp enters into play. Whatever your current processes or SOPs are, there’s definitely a way to transfer them to ClickUp.


Customize Your ClickUp


  • Let’s start with statuses.

ClickUp, by default, comes with the status TO DO and the status COMPLETE. But, by clicking on CUSTOMIZED you can add as many statuses as you want and even an additional DONE status (very helpful, believe me!). Statuses are just one of the many things you can tailor and personalize to make ClickUp work for you–not the other way around.

You can also click into each task card and start exploring all the customizable features associated with each of them–from deadlines, to templates, to messages, to permissions–I could go on and on.

Not to mention the customizable view–a feature unique to ClickUp, and one I love very much. In ClickUp you can view your tasks and deadlines in multiple ways–list, board or calendar. I personally like viewing my to do’s in a list, but my associate loves the calendar view. You can even customize those views in order to have your tasks grouped as you like. For example, a view of documents, chat boards, forms, Gantt charts and so on. Whatever kind of visual works for you, ClickUp has it.

You can even customize the sharing features and decide which of your clients or team members have access to certain tasks.


  • Need help with ClickUp?

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