Fine. I admit it! I am phone-addicted. I haven’t always been this way. There was a time when I was reading a lot; I used to relax on my sofa and think about NOTHING for a long time, I could let my imagination fly so free and so high to be able to plan incredible things that maybe I would never have achieved in my entire life! I felt I was rich inside, an emotional dreamer!

Then it arrived, my cell phone! And immediately after, all the Social Media apps, YouTube, Whatsapp and the unlimited minutes phone offers and…bang! My peace was over. At the beginning it was just curiosity, later a new way to learn more things, then a way to relax and get in touch with people I had no time to meet in person and at the end an essential instrument for working. I am not saying it is not useful, rather the opposite: I could not do without it. But, I am aware I am exagerating. And honestly I think I am in good company.

So I decided to give myself a gift for Christmas…a technological detox for the benefit of my mind, my imagination, and above all of myself. So, this week I am going to propose a challenge to you:

  • No social media
  • No email

  • No whatsapp

  • No phone calls

To be replaced with

  • More time for your family

  • More time for reading

  • More time for relaxing

  • More time for dreaming

  • More outdoor life

  • More time for your hobbies

This is not an idea of mine. It’s a challenge created last summer by Vanessa Van Edwards (check her website if you don’t know her ! She is super interesting). At that time I wasn’t able to do it, so I am going to re-propose it now to you, for a shorter period of time…things have to be done gradually, you know 😉

Her instructions for being successful? Just three easy steps:

  • Make a decision
  • Chose a starting and an end date
  • Turn your cell phone off (and your tablet, your computer, … don’t cheat!)

I wish you all a powerful, memorable and super fantastic week and a Merry Christmas!



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