Pin design is one of the essential components of your Pinterest account.

Pinterest is sometimes (wrongly) considered, a visual social media platform like Instagram. Even if Pinterest is not a social media platform, the truth is that it is absolutely a visual platform.

You can see it as a collection of images made with the exact purpose to capture your audience’s attention so they want to click and go to a specific website.


Your images, then, NEED to speak to your audience.


Pinning is somewhat related to branding.


You convey your ideas and personality on the images you design and engage with an audience that is aligned to you.


So, if, on one hand, we cannot give absolute tips on Pin design, we can for sure outline general tips that will help your images gain attraction.




  • Use vertical pins, ideally 1000 x 1500 px

  • Use the right colours (investigate what gains the higher repining number in your industry)

  • YOUR TEXT MUST BE READ EASILY. You need to choose clear fonts, make them big enough and choose the appropriate colours to make them stand out from the background

  • Use consistent branding, with a recognizable templates, colours and fonts
  • Play with transparency to balance background and text in a way that the message is clear for your audience
  • Add your website address
  • People are more likely to click on Pins that are:


  • HOW TOs

  • TIPS




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