If I had to divide the people I meet in my life into two separate groups, I would probably divide them into dreamers and non-dreamers. And if I had to divide these two groups into two other groups, I would divide them into dreamers that take action, dreamers that don’t take action, non-dreamers who are scared by changes and non-dreamers who are deeply convinced they don’t deserve anything better than what they have.

Am I too complicated? Maybe.

The point is that I am not convinced that being a non-dreamer is something good. Even the most satisfied person in the world, the one who has achieved everything he wanted, HAS TO dream continuously. Dreaming is life. Aspiring to something more, having a project, and setting new goals does not mean that you are dissatisfied with your life or that you do not value what you have been given. In my opinion, it’s the opposite. When you have received from life, you are so internally rich that you want to give back. And when you dream, you dream for your improvement but you are contributing to create better opportunities and conditions even for people around you, too.

So, non-dreamers I have met are normally driven to paralysis by the fear of losing their status. This fear is so powerful that it prevents them from seeing the good behind the difficulty. On the contrary, non-dreamers, because of their lack of self-esteem are in a situation of scarcity, meaning that they feel so low in energy that they can’t even consider that things may improve. In both the cases, these people are in a situation that won’t let them make progress. Maybe they won’t experience the uncertainty of leaving their comfort-zone, the anxiety of failure, the distress of the mistakes they can make, but for certain they won’t feel the happiness of achieving a goal, the enthusiasm of proving they are good enough, the joy of seeing the results of their efforts and the benefits they provide to those around them, either.

Dreamers, on the other side, may be only dreamers, stuck in their ambition for something better but incapable of moving on, or they may be people ready to take action, to give back to life, to provide benefits for others with their energy, their enthusiasm, their being proactive.

I have always been a dreamer. Someone told me that I should be happy for what life has given to me. And I truly am. More than happy. That’s why I strongly believe that being a dreamer does not mean dissatisfaction but that the energy for being a dreamer takes origin from satisfaction. I can’t stop planning, setting goals, work on new projects. I can’t accept I already know everything I need. This does not mean that I have always achieved what I wanted, but I can honestly state that I tried as hard as I could. Every time and in every situation, even when it cost me a lot.

When a couple of days ago I found the quote from Confucious: “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” I felt this could be a good quote to remember when you are struggling to find the motivation and you see your plan as something difficult and not achievable. So, keep this in mind and…keep moving!

What do you think about it? Let me know your dreams and your goals!

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