The internet. We can love it or hate it, but we cannot ignore it. Today it is very difficult to say that it is simple, functional, professional and modern to be able to work without using the potential of the web.

Remote working

Among the advantages that this channel certainly offers, there is the possibility of working online. Until recently, in order to have a business, you had to set up a physical office with a certain number of work stations, invest in the right equipment and evaluate hiring collaborators in terms of costs, taxes, pension contributions, holidays, sickness and so on. Today the virtual world has made everything easier. I can decide to hire a professional who works remotely and provides me with a service for the time I want or based on the project I want to complete without the burden of all the fixed costs.

This is what virtual assistant means: a collaborator who supports us remotely for the time needed and the purpose we want to achieve.

Virtual assistants can offer so many and different services in almost every field you can imagine. For this reason, they are usually specialised in a specific industry or in a specific type of service.

At Tailored Choice Consulting, for example, we offer the technical support that is required today to be online. We build websites, we organize campaigns through e-mail marketing, we schedule social media, we offer graphics support, we prepare e-books, online courses, downloadable giveaways, we set and revise the documents you need, and much more.

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