If you are, like me, a busy business owner, you can’t live without SOPs.

What’s a SOP?

A SOP is a Standard Operating Procedure, aka a codified procedure that helps you stay consistent and automate your daily activity, is vital to help you run your business smoothly, saving time and stress. Above all it is key to establish something like a protocol you and your team members have to adopt as a trigger situation emerges.

An example? Let’s try with a simple one.

You are having a discovery call with a potential client. According to your SOP you have already made questionnaires with the right questions you have to ask based on the type of business your client is running and on the type service he is asking you for. Then, after the phone call, your SOP helps you consider your clients answer to determine his needs and make an offer. Because you have a SOP, the answers to the questionnaire have already been inserted in your CRM so you can automatically fill in a proposal, a contract and an invoice and send them to your client.

Once he accepts your proposal and makes the payment, your SOP “tells” you the documents you have to send him in order to be consistent and professional in your onboarding process, to give him all the required information to work with you and to store the important data that you need in order to provide your services.

Again, during the onboarding process you will be sending your client a particular SOP, explaining for instance how to get in touch with you, your office hours, how to deal with payments, urgencies, and everything related to your business relationship.

Without your SOPs in place, you will be repeating the same tasks every single day in an unorganized way and you can sometimes forget something, sometimes collect data in an inefficient way meaning you don’t have what you need when you have to do your work, sometimes you will provide documents in different formatting styles and all your business would result messy and time consuming.

And you? Do you have your SOPs?


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