Some time ago I was trying to explain to a friend of mine what a Virtual Assistant was and why these two words actually identify an industry more than a profession. As already discussed in one of my previous blogs, Virtual Assistants simply are remote service providers who specialize in different niches or in a particular kind of service.

This friend of mine told me: “but, if I was a Business Owner and I had to set up my whole online presence, it would be so time consuming and stressful to deal with all the different service providers involved while still focusing on my core business!”. Yesss! He managed to explain the role of an Online Business Project Manager in such a simple and intuitive statement!

An Online Business Project Manager is a remote service provider who has the skills to manage a project or the entire running of a business by coordinating the team and planning the different tasks and deadlines the team has to deal with.

They  develop a strategy for getting everything done and splits the tasks among the team members; they make decisions according to the business owner’s desired goals, lead the team, discuss problems and priorities with the business owner and find practical solutions.

By hiring an OBPM you are relying on a professional who will help you to turn your ideas into reality. You will save time, stress, money and you will have results in the most functional way.


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