When I first started using Pinterest, my website was not very popular.

I had tried to attract people to visit it and I had prepared a long list of freebies but they seemed not to reach the right audience.

Then I fell in love with Pinterest and I wanted to give it a try. Many business owners were swearing by its power and I was finding it so fun and friendly that I forced myself to overcome my inner adversity for social media and went deep into studying “how Pinterest works”.

In 15 days, without any kind of optimization and new content, my website went from almost zero visits to just under 500 visits. A small win that convinced me that I was on the right path.



Why was Pinterest so effective?



First of all, because it is not a social media platform, but a search engine! All social media platforms make your content available for just a limited time. Then new content comes up and your messages or posts go to the bottom of the thread, where almost no-one sees them anymore.

Secondly, because it’s visual and fun. If you try to scroll down the Pinterest feed you are attracted by content you are interested in for real. It’s not a sale game with insincere engagement geared to selling you something. You can honestly show your content and people will reach out to you because they really liked what you published. No need to pitch. A great thing for introverted people!

Thirdly, because it is more powerful than Google, for the simple reason that the visual system drives people to scroll down to a greater number of results. So, even if your content is not on the top or is not just published, because of how Pinterest works, people bump into it.


Why you should use Pinterest?


Tailored Choice Consulting
  • It’s commonly known that a Pinterest strategy is a long term one. And this is true. If you want to see consistent results you have to work on it for at least 3 months. But you do start seeing things improving immediately (remember my website views?), and this is so encouraging and lets you feel you are doing well. Moreover, the analytics give you detailed information of what your audience like and you can tailor your content to connect with their needs.

  • You can work on it with a Project Management mindset. Ok…this is kind of a professional deformation but as a Project Manager myself I cannot overlook it. There’s no point in pinning whatever you want without a plan. After all….it’s business! And in business you need a plan. Being that this a long-term kind of promotion, you can precisely plan your steps in order to get to a goal in a well determined amount of time. I bet no other platform can give you such a service.

Tailored Choice Consulting
Tilored Choice Consulting
  • You can grow your email list. Yes, I get it. Like me, you are annoyed by the thousands of email messages in your inbox daily and, like me, you end up deleting the 99% of them without even reading them. But, this is the point. People on your mailing list are YOUR people and YOUR audience and it’s your responsibility getting in touch effectively.

 I have a client doing an amazing job with it because she conveys personality and fun to her newsletter and her audience is enthusiast and increasing every day. She sends out her content on Fridays and on Monday mornings her inbox is full of messages from people engaging with what she has published. So, if you are using your email system wisely, are not pitching with your people but connecting with them and are sending out messages with at a reasonable rate (i.e., not every day), there’s a great advantage to having your audience on a list because they will be happy to hear from you and you will stay connected with them, creating a relationship and, finally, growing your credibility and reputation. Which, in my opinion, is a key factor in business.

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