Pinterest is increasingly becoming a very popular topic when discussing effective marketing strategies for business.

The incorrect misconception about Pinterest is that it’s a platform used by women to look for pretty and feminine tips on how to dress, cook, have their hair done and so on.




Pinterest is an important marketing tool and if you are not using it for your business you are making a major mistake.


These are the reason why you should consider Pinterest immediately:


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  • Pinterest is NOT a social media platform. It’s a powerful search engine, exactly like Google, but it works differently. If you are searching for something in Google, let’s be honest, you limit your search to the first page…sometimes to the second one! Pinterest, being a visual platform, encourages people to scroll down and look for the most attractive image. In this way, they come across at many more results. So you don’t have necessarily to rank among the first pins to get views (but, it doesn’t hurt to have attractive images and interesting titles).

  • Pinterest is used by almost 300 million people per month in the world. Statistics reveal that Pinterest users have generally a high income and use this platform to gain information and ideas on EVERY topic.

Tailored Choice Consulting
  • Pinterest users are READY TO BUY. Again, statistics confirm that Pinterest users have a buyer attitude when scrolling down and they look for something with a mindset keen on buying.


  • Pinterest analytics are extremely helpful in determining which kind of content your audience likes. So, they enhance your possibility of being connected with your audience’s needs and of being able to tailor your content and services to what is really requested so you can easily reach more and more people.

  • Your content on Pinterest is evergreen. Your pins do not expire and can be found and clicked even many months after they have been pinned. Thanks to new recent features of tools such as Tailwind, they can be rescheduled and repurposed cyclically, to take advantage of seasonal trends and periodical needs.

Tailored Choice Consulting

Still doubtful on Pinterest? I’m guessing maybe not! But if you would like to understand if Pinterest is for you, feel free to book our free virtual coffee chat. We can’t wait to chat with you!

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